desiree & seth | f.a.q.



So what do you want to know?
here are a few answers, you have to come up with the questions though! (hopefully they match up right)

We only shoot around 20ish weddings a year. So, we are pretty selective on the weddings we choose to photograph.  We’re not snobbish, we just can’t work with everyone!

What’s our style? Well, a little photojournalism, a little editorial, a little fashion, a little traditional. We have really developed our own style, just look at our work. I like the term neo-romantic! I think thats a good way to describe ourselves!

Yes we travel! Our travel requirements are simple; roundtrip air, a hotel where you would feel comfortable keeping $20k in camera equipment, and a rental car if needed, pretty easy! Oh, and if possible a little virgin cocktail with an umbrella, that always makes me feel good!

Cash, checks, credit cards, first born, prize bull. You name it! (yes we are a boutique studio/small business so we are always open to trade!)

We do have people we like to work with for specific events, just come by and we can share our list of vendors with you!

Yes you can keep a copy of the full size images to store in your safe with your other invaluable items. (No they are not free)

Yes your images will be available online.

Yes our books are designed in house by us.

Yes we have canvases, and they are pretty cool!

Yes we can accommodate your schedule for a consultation, with enough notice.

We are often booked a year in advance.

We love new ideas. if you want to try something different, it’d be our pleasure.

Yes we do intimates, pin ups, boudoir, or whatever else you want to call it,
(no they are not old school tacky images they are hot, modern, and sexy)

We prefer shooting on location for most portraits, just because you can fit the location with your personality.

Yes we are available light photographers. If a light is available we will use it; the sun, moon, camera flash, flash light, sparklers, you know, whatever!
Yes we (Desiree) photograph baby deliveries. Why don’t I….”Yikes”

Yes we do commercial work. From catalog to calendar we can do it!

Yes we do custom design photography packages just for you.

Images are ready in two to three weeks. May take a bit longer. It’s like wine or grape juice. The good stuff takes a little time!

Albums can take anywhere from a few weeks to a several months depending on the designing involved and the album type chosen.